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Choosing Your Contractor

Your home is probably one of the biggest investments that you will make in your lifetime. Choose the right roofing contractor the first time, and reap the rewards.

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Price vs Quality

We are often approached to rectify the mistakes made by other roofing contractors. At these times, the old adage comes to mind – the bitterness of poor quality long outlasts the sweetness of a low price.

As specialist roofing contractors with more than 48 years’ experience in the industry, we confess that we are not the cheapest. But who wants to be known as cheap? In order to be the cheapest, something has to be sacrificed. With the suppliers of roofing and building materials all vying for the same market, prices tend to be on par whichever one you choose.

In the construction industry, there are also strict agreements governing labor rates, which means costs can’t be cut from this angle either. Therefore, the only way a roofing contractor can reduce its price is either by taking a lower profit share or cutting supervision costs. As we know, no business wants to sacrifice its profit, which means that many times supervision is cut in order to offer a low price and secure work.

When on-site supervision is reduced, the quality of the workmanship immediately takes a hit. Corners are cut and mistakes happen, which you will eventually pay for further down the line. So, why take the risk in the first place? Choose a reputable contractor from the outset, such as Cape Cladding. We don’t believe in compromising on quality to undercut the competition on price.

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Cape Cladding Procurements

Installation and Maintenance

The roof doesn’t just protect your home from the elements, it also enhances its aesthetic appearance. Your architect has spent hours painstakingly designing your new home, with the roof also forming part of the final picture. Building contractors go to great lengths to ensure that the walls are straight and that the finishes in your home are to the highest standard, as you will be looking at these each and every day. Just because the roof is over your head, doesn’t mean that cheap finishes are acceptable. A roof that isn’t installed correctly will perform poorly, and you will be reminded of that fact each time it rains.

Maintaining your roof is also of great importance. The metal roof sheeting commonly used is similar to the material your car is manufactured from. Park your car outside and leave it there for a few years without washing it and see what happens. Your roof needs to be inspected on an annual basis and checked for areas of possible failure, such as signs of corrosion or signs that the fixings may be failing.

Any person can put roof sheeting or tiles on a structure. It is not rocket science. However, to do it correctly and in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications is of the upmost importance. Natural slate should also only be installed by a contractor with an impeccable track record, such as Cape Cladding. If not, you will soon realize the cost.

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Where to Get Additional Advice

Speak to your local Master Builders Association office and get sound
advice of reputable builders and contractors operating in your area. Cape Cladding is
a long-standing member of the Master Builders Association East Cape.

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